I count – A project of declaring newborn identities in remote areas through mobile phone

Main objective:

“I count” will be implemented in Ivory Coast as a pilot project.? The expected outcomes are to install reflexes in the population and register 100% of births (and deaths) in Ivory Coast by 2024, essentially by developing mobile phone birth registrations. To that extent, the Orange Group through its local office and Foundation in Ivory Coast, is integrated into the project for the technical part.


In most countries and cultures, when it is possible, newborns are given a name by their parents which forges a major part of their identity for their entire life. However, unless their birth is officially registered in the local administrations, regardless of the lack of legal, local, governmental infrastructure, they have no official existence nor citizenship for governments, administrations and more broadly for society. These children are called “ghost children” or “children without identity”. This extreme vulnerable situation deprives them from major rights such as having access to education and going to school.?

For Aide et Action, the children you count today are the children you will count upon tomorrow.


The project aims to support the modernisation of civil status in Ivory Coast, building on AEA’s expertise in the field of social mobilization and education. The project purpose is to make a complement to the policy of the Ivorian State in the process of modernization of the civil status through the systematisation and automation of birth and death declarations. It also aims to support the operationalization of new legislation on civil status: through the participation of AEA in the implementation of the Special Law on Civil Status. Finally, it aims to strengthen the capacities of stakeholder groups: by supporting AEA in the training of actors in the national deployment of the project.

Through declaring children identity, Aide et Action would train civilian registrations officers, raise awareness of the parents whose children are still deprived of education, as well as of the teachers, community members, and local authorities. Thus, parents should improve their own knowledge and skills to support their children’s education and development and should strongly engage in their children’s early learning through positive parenting. Moreover, it is expected to improve leadership capacity and decision making of key local actors.

Project location / Ivory coast, in the regions of Nawa, Gboklê and San-pédro
Region / Africa, Ivory Coast
Area / Sustainable development and global citizenship Education
Duration / 2019 - 2020
The project covers / Newborns, children, persons not yet declared to civil status, officers and Civil Registry Officers, Local Administrative Authorities
Project manager / Sylvain KOFFI, Country Programme Director - Aide et Action Ivory Coast
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