Diffa Youth Project

Main objective:

Promoting socio-educational reintegration frameworks for young people following the humanitarian crisis in the Diffa region


On the security front, repeated attacks by Boko Haram in the Diffa region and at the border with Mali, have led many refugees and displaced people to flee insecure areas, increasing especially human trafficking. Insecurity is also growing in the Tillabéri region with attacks conducted in the departments of Say, Tera and Torodi. A large-scale operation was conducted by the Nigerian Armed Forces in the areas of the Komadougou River and the river bed of Lake Chad. On the economic front, growth has been strong but remains below the growth rate of 7% required to fight poverty effectively.


The Diffa region is going through a complex and major humanitarian crisis: conflicts, extortions and terrorism led to the displacement of 302,387 people including 184,404 internally displaced persons. 88,668 refugees, of whom 29,315 young immigrants, returned to their village of origin because of the insecurity of their host sites. These events have contributed to destroying all social bonds within communities. The economy is totally unstructured.

The project must promote reintegration of socio-educational frameworks for young people, while rehabilitating and institutionalizing spaces for dialogue and exchange within the entities of decentralized organizations and local civil society. In 2018, the project benefited 54,967 people, including 27,864 women. Of these beneficiaries, 33,826 (60% of whom are women) are young people from the poorest and most vulnerable communities of 12 villages in the Diffa region.


French Development Agency (AFD), Care, Diffa Regional Council, High Authority for the Consolidation of Peace, Karkara, Nigetec, International Plan


Project location / Niger, Diffa Region
Region / Africa, Niger
Area / Migration
Duration / 2018 - 2021
The project covers / Children and members of school communities
Project manager /
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