Developing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Women in Rural China

Main objective:

Promote gender equality by providing vulnerable women living in rural areas the opportunity to emancipate themselves and be financially independent


Gender inequality is still fierce in China and puts women at a disadvantage socio-economic plan, particularly in the more rural western provinces. These are exacerbated by the imbalance in the male-female birth rate. Coupled with the rapid changes in society, these factors pose additional challenges for women in particular and for the education of the youngest.

Sichuan Province is the most populous rural region of the provinces and has been more affected by this problem. It also has
nearly 6 million single women, their husbands having gone to work in the big cities, they stay home to care for children and the elderly. Most of these women are handicapped by low levels of education, financial vulnerability and unequal social status.


Born out of the need for women to adapt to a rapidly changing society, this project aims to develop skills and empower women in rural areas. It strives to promote gender equality by giving women the opportunity to access non-formal education and encouraging them to participate in community development, networking and claiming their rightful place in the world. society.

The project particularly encourages women to develop new livelihoods. They have the opportunity to take training courses, strengthen their leadership and management skills and join support groups to develop their knowledge networks. Women are also sensitized to community volunteering. In 2018, 740 women, 6 teachers and 2 schools benefited from these activities.


Air France, Chengdu Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women, China Merchants, Charitable Foundation, Jiaguan People’s Government, Qianjin People’s Government

Project location / China, Sichuan Province, Qionglai County and Chengdu City
Region / China, Southeast Asia and China
Area / Girls and women's education
Duration / 2017 - 2021
The project covers / Vulnerable women living in rural areas
Project manager /
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