Our focus areas

  • Access and quality of education

    Promoting access to education for all (children, youth or adults) and improving educational systems to adapt them to the needs of all, so as to enable them to fully play their role as citizens.

  • Inclusive education

    Enabling children and youth suffering from any form of exclusion (poverty, disability, etc.) to receive an education and become socially integrated is a priority for Aide et Action.

  • Sustainable development and global citizenship education

    Promoting and supporting an education that is adapted to the current century’s challenges – an education that enables the emergence of responsible global citizens and actors who stand together in solidarity.

  • Early childhood care and education

    Supporting the future development of children in the 0-6 year age group, including their schooling and in the physical, psychological, social and cognitive areas is fundamental for Aide et Action International.

  • Girls' and women’s education

    Facilitating girls’ education everywhere and enabling women to emancipate themselves and become more autonomous are the two main avenues we adopt in our fight for the dignity of women and for more equitable societies.

  • Health education

    Sensitising, preventing and improving the health environment: Aide et Action International undertakes activities aimed at safeguarding children’s health and turning schools into one of the prime locations for health education.

  • Livelihood education for youth and adults

    Creating educational alternatives to offer the most disadvantaged youth the opportunity to take their due place in society with dignity.

  • Education in the context of migration

    At a time when the world is witnessing increasing migration, there is a growing need to provide support for the education of migrant children and for their social mainstreaming.

  • Education in emergency & post-emergency situations

    Building peoples’ capacity to deal with crisis situations and contributing to the stability of the educational system by helping restore it.